Tooth Abscess: Effective Home Remedies
Tooth Abscess: Effective Home Remedies
by Purva Mewar | Health | Friday, January 12th, 2007

If you are here because you or someone you know is suffering from mouth abscess then let me tell you that this was a perfectly avoidable situation had you taken better oral care. We actually put ourselves into this situation (including myself!) and then regret and repair. Mouth abscess can happen to people at any age as long as their teeth are intact. People with dentures can rest in peace!

Doctor may not be able to give you an immediate appointment. Until then, here are some home remedies if the toothache is unbearable. Mix 1/4-teaspoon of potassium carbonate in 1/2 glass of water and use this solution as a mouthwash. Using it three to four times should reduce the pain in a few hours. This alkaline solution usually destroys the bacteria. Many people who suffered toothache due to mouth abscess in the past have unanimously Okayed this remedy to get rid of pain until the doctor’s help arrives. For some people clove power stuffed in the cavity has also helped.

Another home remedy for mouth abscess is, if you have tooth ache or swelling in the gums immediately take to drinking two- three glasses of water and continue drinking a glass or two of water every 20-30 minutes, the pain will start to reduce after a while (The process works because your body absorbs the water through the colon) and will perhaps completely subside.

The main cause of mouth abscess is inappropriate dental hygiene. People who don’t take proper dental care or don’t visit the dentist for check ups regularly suffer mouth abscess. Bad oral hygiene leads to cavities and cavities if left unattended to give rise to a further complication called mouth abscess. The infection begins at tooth level cavity and if not attended within proper time, can spread to mouth, face, throat or jaw. As an exception you can also get mouth infection or abscess after injuring a tooth by accident. Another home remedy is that you mix oil of cloves and peroxide cures the tooth abscess.

The best home remedy for mouth abscess is prevention. Understand the importance of oral hygiene. Don’t be in a hurry to brush and floss. Don’t postpone your visit to the doctor. And for an unforeseen situation dental insurance proves to be God sent.


I’ve had an abscessed tooth since Friday when I woke up. No pain, but the left side of my face looked like I had a fight with a botox needle. It was swollen up into my jaw. I immediately started anitbiotics. (I, fortunately, have the pleasure that my boyfriend’s father is a foot doctor and has Amoxicillin on hand.) It seemed like it was going down and almost gone yesterday, but when I woke up this morning, it was bigger than ever and a new swelling had appeared right above my tooth on the gum. I tried to pop it to drain it, but even though it didn’t hurt normally, it was very tender to the touch and I couldn’t pop it without really hurting myself. So I tried the tea bag method. I took a dry Lipton tea bag and held it in my mouth directly ON the pus filled abscess. It hurt like h-e- double hockey sticks for about 20 minutes. I mean, it REALLY hurt. But then the pain completely went away and even touching my cheek was ok while I had the tea bag in. So I left it there for two hours and then got up and went to the bathroom. Sure enough, at the base of the bubble was a white dot surrounded by a black bigger dot. I took my sterilized needle and just barely touched it. IT POPPED!! All the nasty, horrible smelling pus came oozing out. I gently pushed on the top of the abscess (up in my check) and guided it to the whole. I completely drained it within 30 minutes with lots of spitting. After that, I rinsed and swished my mouth with hydrogen peroxide to sanitize after all that poison was in there. Then rinsed with cool water to get rid of the hydrogen peroxide. Now I know the abscess can fill up again, especially overnight, so I’m keeping a tea bag on my gums for a couple of more hours while I make sure it’s all extracted. With the combo of antibiotics and drainage, I’ll be able to go to the dentist on Wednesday and have the dang thing pulled so it won’t cause me anymore problems.

I hope this helps someone!!
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